Smart Safety

The world’s first smart domestic LPG leakage detection and shutoff system.

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LPG Sensor

Samam’s smart LPG leakage sensor unit, responsible for interaction between Samam’s system.


Shut-off Unit

The shutoff unit’s novel design provides control over domestic LPG supply.


Mobile app

Ensuring the user’s peace of mind through APP notification allowing remote control over the gas system.


Samam’s Autonomous Smart System

Keeping the user in control of the LPG system, ensuring the user’s safety and peace of mind

Completey Autonomous System

Intelligent Control

Direct control over domestic gas system, with a wide range of compatability

Detects and Reacts

Samam ensures your peace of mind through its smart detection and control

Samam APP

Remote control and alarm notification through Samam’s mobile APP

Secure Network

Safe device connection module, ensuring prompt detection and shutoff

Automation Integration

Samam allows 3rd party home automated integration, creating a network of smart devices



Samam’s prompt LPG leakage detection unit. The sensor orchestrates Samam’s autonomous smart system, including detection and reaction to domestic leakage threats.

Ensuring the user’s peace of mind through its optimized design to meet all their needs.

  • Secure and reliable network connectivity
  • Prompt LPG detection sensor
  • Swift alarming system
  • Simplified user interaction design
  • Simple outer design blending with kitchen design

Bringing Smart to Safety

With samam’s autonomous detection and shutoff system, rest assured that samam has your home’s safety covered from any LPG leakage threats

Allowing user remote control and alarm notification through Samam’s APP, keeping the user’s peace of mind as the main priority.


Shutoff Unit

Samam’s novel smart shutoff unit. The first internet connected LPG supply control unit. An innovative recreation of LPG smart safety systems, providing a complete LPG leakage prevention system.

The shutoff unit’s modular design is compatible with a wide range of clip-on LPG regulators, optimized for the user’s installation convenience..

Allowing remote control over gas system from Samam’s mobile APP.

  • Direct secure connection with the sensor
  • Optimized easy user installation
  • Compatible with a wide range of LPG regulators
  • Powered by long lasting batteries
  • Modular design

Safety monitoring at your fingertips

In Control

Always in control through the remote shutoff samam APP functionality.

Battery Level

Battery level monitoring of Samam’s system, with battery replacement notification.


Checking on the system’s interconnectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity keeps you notified in case of unlikely disconnection.

LPG Leakage

In case of a leakage incident, the APP will notify you that the shutoff unit has been turned off, until the user turns it on again .


Compliance Testing

Samam is undergoing extensive compliance safety testing with international certification institutes, ensuring the reliability and convenience of Samam’s system.


European Conformity Marking


GCC standardization Organization